This is another serious attack being planned by evil gunmen of Somali descent at a shopping complex which has restaurants and all manner of shops.
It is very similar to Westgate Mall and Garissa University attacks in Kenya in the recent past.
The shopping complex is built more like a letter T design and has about three floors.
Gunmen numbering up to ten will gain entry into the building possibly by forcefully driving through the back burglar proof gate in a white pick up / bakkie with a canopy (possibly an old white Peugeot 404/504 pick up / bakkie or similar vehicle).
They will randomly and indiscriminately shoot people so as to cause maximum damage before the security forces can arrive on the scene.
Some of them will be stationed on the upper floors to target those running away from the scene.
The worst thing is that they will try to inspect those who are lying on the ground to see if they are really dead and if not dead, to shoot them at close range.
They will be heard clearly speaking in their foreign language as they give instructions to each other.
Some of them are already in the country concerned and even married to local women.
The East Africa governments (especially Kenya) and the Southern Africa governments (especially South Africa) must put their intelligence forces on high alert.
This is a very scary situation.
Let us keep praying against these evil forces for With God All Things Are Possible.


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